Our energy-efficient cooling products comply with international environmental norms and standards

Cool, clean and low-energy solutions show that respect for man and our environment is our priority


Sustainability is about our children, our grandchildren and the world we will leave them. At Cool Investments, we believe in the need to develop the sustainable models necessary for our planet Earth to survive by reducing our carbon footprint and conserving essential resources such as water and energy. We rely on strong relationships with our social partners – suppliers, customers, human resources – to offer our population healthy fresh and frozen foods, while reducing food waste and running costs.


Our suppliers

We rely on our international suppliers, also our strategic partners, and aim at continued cooperation and development with them. Their commitment to energy conservation and efficiency through better-designed eco-friendly products is crucial to our growth. Their use of green and harmless refrigerants, their efficient design, highly-effective insulation and energy management systems have reduced energy consumption radically. Their range of climate-friendly solutions is growing through noise level reduction, compactness, accurate temperature and operation control of display cases and cold rooms that ensure high-quality and safe food products. Their constant investment in research and development, and the application of the newest technological innovations are a constant challenge for our own business expansion.


Our customers

We respond to the needs and expectations of our customers by providing them with the most economical services and creating more value for them with the high-end technologies provided by our suppliers. We educate them on energy-saving processes that will lower their operating costs and ensure customer loyalty.


Our human resources

Our employees are the architects of our success and give our company its unique identity. To ensure their commitment, motivation and sense of belonging, we invest in their skills, training and creativity as we engage them in the sustainability process.