Our cooling solutions


Innovative and custom-built high-end international products to maintain your cold chain and increase customer loyalty

Your cool partner to preserve food freshness and safety while reducing costs and boosting sales


Cool investments is a leading supplier of high-efficiency refrigeration systems, displays and services in the local food retail industry. Partnering with high-end global suppliers, we are experts in our field with trained technical staff delivering certified products. Our state-of-the-art equipment and sophisticated processes deliver a vast variety of solutions for the preservation and display of fresh and frozen products with environmental friendly refrigeration systems designed and built to client specifications.

Whether you are in food production, storage, retail or catering, our range of cold storage facilities, refrigerated transportation and display equipment features highest-quality materials and perfect workmanship with little maintenance. They are durable and practical, highly efficient with very low energy consumption.

Whatever the size of your business, we have the expertise to design the perfect solution for your refrigeration system and outlet from start to finish.


Our comprehensive range of turn-key and tailor-made solutions includes:


Cold storage and refrigerated display

• Walk-in cold rooms of multiple capacity with high-quality PU panels and insulated openings; blast freezers; vertical and horizontal display cabinets to keep foods efficiently cooled and attractively displayed; refrigerated counters for food preparation and service; self-service and serve-over cabinets for fresh, unpackaged and packaged products; water coolers and ice-making machines, etc.



• Refrigerated distribution boxes and cooling equipment for trucks, trailers and vans with multiple door openings designed to monitor and manage perishable products with superior control of temperature and humidity.


Store display

• Gondolas, trolleys and cashing counters in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours and styles for all types of retail stores.